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The New Mexico Returning Veterans
Counseling and Therapists Project


The New Mexico Returning Veterans Counseling and Therapists Project is a ground-breaking statewide initiative offering free mental health counseling for up to one year for all men and women who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other global hot-spot since America’s Global War on Terror commenced shortly after the September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks.

The program was launched on March 15, 2013 through a collaborative effort by the State Regulation and Licensing Department, State Board of Social Work Examiners, State Board of Psychologist Examiners Counseling and Therapy Practice Board, the New Mexico Human Services Department’s Behavioral Health Services Division, the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services, Access to Recovery Network, and Presbyterian Medical Services.  

At the launch date, nearly 500 licensed counselors and therapist had signed up for the program, which is the first collaborative effort between private and state agencies in the country to provide statewide pro-bono mental health counseling for Iraq and Afghanistan War-era veterans.

The New Mexico Veterans Counseling and Therapy Project allows OEF/OIF-era veterans anywhere in the state to use a website, http://bhsdstar.org/Provider_Websites, which will direct the veteran to his or her nearest participating mental health professional. Help can also be found by calling 1-(888) 920-6333.

Interested counselors or therapists can also go to the website or call to register for participation in the project.

Veterans from other war eras can go to the Presbyterian Medical Services website at http://www.nmvets.com for services and assistance.