Our Vision
To be the premier veterans’ service provider and advocate in the nation.

Our Mission
To assist veterans, their widows, and their children in establishing the privileges which they are legally entitled.

Our Legacy
The New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services (NMDVS) was established in 2003 to provide veterans with a cabinet-level agency to address their needs.

It is because of the hard work by the NMDVS staff that New Mexico consistently ranks near the top of the list for successfully-filed VA benefits claims by states on behalf of veterans.


Veterans have earned our gratitude and respect.  Their health care needs, entitled educational benefits, and right to a proper burial are what drive the department’s actions.

Our slogan is “Serving Those Who Served.” We will honor our commitment to veterans and remain fully prepared to achieve our mission.

We continually strive to exceed the service expectations or New Mexico’s veterans and their families. We continually strive to perform at the highest level. We take great  pride in our accomplishments.

We are committed to employing a highly-skilled, compassionate and diverse work force.  We foster a culture of respect, equal opportunity, innovation, and accountability.

We practice open, accurate and timely communication with veterans, our employees and anyone working on behalf of veterans.  We seek continuous improvement in our programs and services by carefully listening to their concerns.

We will ensure responsible stewardship of the human, financial, information and resources entrusted to us.  We will always strive to improve our performance.

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Facts/Figures About New Mexico’s Veteran Population

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